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CMP CleanMax Power Particulate Filter and Catalyst cleaning product, which we supply from abroad, has enabled us to solve this problem in our vehicles, as a result of our research on how to solve the problem with the particulate filters of diesel vehicles in our company. The product was commercialized in 2013 after positive results were obtained in different vehicles as a result of long tests. In our research, it has been observed that although there are different company products in solving this problem without removing the particulate filter from its place, a definite solution can not be obtained in the cleaning business. It has been observed that fuel quality in Turkey, inexperience in vehicle use and stop and go in heavy traffic. As a result of these problems, the solution to the Particulate Filter clogging of the vehicles used in Turkey is definitely that the filter can be removed from the vehicle and cleaned 100% with CMP CleanMax Power. The CMP CleanMax Power product is a basic product and it only cleans the solid wastes of soot and toxic gases on the surface of the filter and does not harm the Particulate Filter structure at all. In short, the product has a solvent feature and does not have a corrosive feature. For this reason, our company guarantees that the structure of the Particulate Filter will not deteriorate. We always prioritize customer satisfaction and receive positive feedback from our customers. At the same time, we support our customers by providing a constant flow of new information. It is strongly recommended that you have your Particulate Filters cleaned regularly, especially in Diesel vehicles, every 50,000 km, for a clean environment and longevity of your vehicles.

CMP CleanMax Power is committed to the best of its services. You are the only one at the center of this commitment.