CMP-C Automatic


Height/H: 255cm
Width/L : 135cm
Depth/D : 110cm
Weight/W : 177 kg
Power : 380 Volts, 8 KW, 15 AH
3 Phase +1 Neutral +1 External Grounding
Tank and water level control system with sensor 
Resistance Protection Sensor 
380 volt AC operation (220V optional)
working with decoiler from 5 to 10 bar
Ability to remove pollution that has softened during cleaning with air support
After installing the particulate or catalyst on the hood of our cabin machine, it closes its door and is completely cleaned from the control panel with an automatic open-close system with an autocontrol system.

Product Specifications


It is manufactured as AISI 304 Quality indexed to the cleaning product used. Complete cleaning of the product and the reaction medium are possible when the liquid reaches a temperature of 80 degrees. Our machine starts the process by bringing the liquid to 80 degrees first. For this reason, as a company, the product was sold first, and then the machine was designed and patented. Our machine with a cabinet completely cleans the particulate filter and catalyst from the open working environment and cleans it visibly in a closed cabinet. By adding a special ventilation system, the resulting process steam can be removed from the environment.


All metal parts used in our cabinet machine are 304 stainless steel and other parts are preferred by brands that have proven themselves in the industry with their quality. Therefore, quality has come to the fore.

Other main features of our machine;

the ability to bind particles and catalysts up to 175 cm 

fastening apparatus up to 40-90 mm cap

Water flow rate