CMP-M Manuel


Height/ H : 255 cm
Width / L : 135 cm
Depth / D : 110 cm
Weight / W : 177 kg
Power: 380 Volt, 8 KW, 15 AH
3 Phase + 1 Neutral+ 1 External Grounding

Product Specifications


Cabinet automobile group constitutes the catalyst and particle filter cleaning Our cleaning machines and cleaning work in Europe in terms of a first in Turkey. Produced indexed to the cleaning product used. The complete cleaning and reaction medium of the product is possible when the liquid reaches a temperature of 70-80 degrees. Our machine starts the process by bringing the liquid to 70-80 degrees. That is why the company designed the machine before the product was sold. Our cabin machine completely removes the particulate filter and catalyst from the open working environment and makes visible cleaning in a closed cabinet.


By adding a special ventilation system, the process steam can be discharged from the environment.

All metal parts used in our cabin machine are 304 stainless steel. In other parts, brands that have proven themselves with their quality have been preferred in the sector. Therefore, quality has come to the forefront.

  Other Main Features of Our Machine:

- AISI 304 Stainless quality 
- Particle and catalyst clamping capability up to 175 cm
- Tying device up to 40-90 mm diameter
- Ability to adjust water flow rate with automatic electric valve
- Water flow power maximum
- 0-5 bar adjustment feature