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Is Particle Filter Cleaned

As CMP Clean Max Power company, we design machines that will remove harmful gases and particles caused by the engine for particulate filter cleaning processes. Thanks to the particle filter specially developed for diesel vehicles, the emergence of harmful gases is prevented while the engine is running. After the engine starts in diesel vehicles, harmful carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons are produced. The harmful hydrobon and carbon monoxides that we have mentioned adversely affect both nature and human health. In order to avoid these situations, a particle filter must be installed in the exhaust system of the vehicles. However, in order for the particulate filter installed on the vehicle to function properly, great care must be taken in its maintenance.

The particulate filter fills and clogs over time with use. “What happens if the particle filter is clogged”;

♦ The performance of the engine also decreases.
♦ It consumes more fuel.
♦ It creates emission values ​​that cause pollution of the environment.
♦ The engine does not rev up on time.
If the particle filter is completely clogged, it is absolutely necessary to clean it.

How to Clean the Particulate Filter?

There are 3 different techniques for particle filter cleaning. Particle filter methods are selected according to the fullness of the filter.

Regeneration - Regeneration with Computer

When the particulate filter is clogged in diesel vehicles, it also brings some problems. In particular, it is possible to encounter situations such as decreased vehicle performance and increased fuel consumption. Using the regeneration method, we clean the particulate filter professionally. Before applying the regeneration method, we look at the fullness of the particulate filter. The regeneration method for DPF cleaning is applied as follows: Using the computer, the engine is run at high speed for a long time. After the engine reaches high temperature, it starts to clean the particulate filter.

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning by Machine

You can get products that will help you on “How to clean the particle filter” from our company called CMP Clean Max Power. This method should be used to clean the overfilled particles. Particles should be removed from the vehicle and then cleaned with a machine. After applying the machine method, pressurized water is used to better open the pores on the particle filter.

Self Cleaning with High Temperature

Before cleaning the particle filter, some checks need to be made. The fullness of the particle filter is controlled by the device. If the particle filter is underfilled, you can choose the high-temperature self-cleaning method. However, in order to use this method, the vehicle must be driven on a long road.