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What is DPF Particulate Filter Cleaning

The DPF particulate filter is an important part that closely concerns diesel vehicles. The dpf particulate filter in diesel engine vehicles filters CO and NOx gases. It is a system that transforms these gases from harmful to harmless. As CMP Clean Max Power company, we manufacture machines for cleaning the dpf particulate filter, which is an important issue in diesel vehicles.
As CMP Clean Max Power, the machines we designed for dpf particle cleaning are stainless steel. It draws attention with its durability against years and aging. Clogging of the dpf particulate filter is one of the most common problems faced by those who use diesel-engined vehicles constantly in the city. A number of sensors are connected to the dpf particulate filter, which consists of honeycomb structure.

What is a Particulate Filter?

In order to meet the emission standards, both Euro 6 and Euro 5 vehicles use particulate filters as hardware. Particulate filters are also used in some Euro 4 vehicles. This part is located at the exhaust outlet. When examined in terms of both function and form, we can say that it has similarities with the catalytic converter.
In September 2009, DPF was required by the European Union to be used in new generation diesel engine vehicles. The particle filter, made of ceramic materials, draws attention with its heat resistance up to 1200 °C. Silicon carbide filters operate smoothly even at temperatures of 2700 °C.

Why is Dpf Particulate Filter Cleaning Important?

"What is DPF cleaning" issue; We can explain it as a process in which diesel engine vehicles are used to eliminate the harmful gases they produce while working. By cleaning the dpf particle filter;
♦ Fuel is saved.
♦ The fault lamp on the vehicle instrument panel is turned off.
♦ Maintains vehicle use with original dpf particle filter.
♦ Correct operation of vehicle turbo is ensured.
♦ There is an increase in the attraction power and performance of the vehicles.
♦ Standard levels are reached in emission measurements. This applies to vehicles left over from exhaust emissions.

After cleaning the dpf particulate, all harmful gases in the engine are thrown out. The diesel particulate filter warning is when the DPF light comes on. When you receive a diesel particulate filter warning, immediately inspect your vehicle. As CMP Clean Max Power, we offer quality machines and parts that you can use for many years.