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DPF Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine Manufacturers

All types of DPF cleaning machines are produced from stainless steel. We increase the performance and usefulness of your vehicles with particle filter and catalyst cleaning products and machines. You can benefit from the machines we produce for all Euro 4,5 and 6 vehicles. Dfp particulate filter cleaning machine manufacturers are numerous. But it is very difficult to find those who produce quality machines among them. In this context, as CMP Clean Max Power, we offer you quality products. We also give an absolute guarantee that the machines and products we produce will not harm the particulate filter at all. You can contact our company for detailed information about our machines.

Cleaning the Particulate Filter by Machine

The DPF cleaning method with the machine is generally preferred if the filter is too full. To apply this cleaning method, it is necessary to remove the particle from the vehicle. The removed particle should be cleaned well with the machine. We recommend using pressurized water to open the pores in the particle filter when cleaning with the machine. In line with all these processes we have mentioned, your vehicle's particulate filter will also be transformed into its original form. By cleaning the particulate filters with the machine;

  • ♦ You can ensure that your fuel is spent less.
  • ♦ You can use your vehicle for a long time with the original diesel particulate filter.
  • ♦ When the particle filter is clogged, the malfunction lamp turns on on the vehicle instrument panel. The particulate filter must be cleaned in order to turn off this lamp that we have mentioned.
  • ♦ It plays an important role in increasing vehicle traction.
  • ♦ In order for the performance of your vehicles to reach high levels, you must have their filters cleaned.
  • ♦ Especially when this technique is used, emission measurements start to take place at ideal levels.

Particulate Filter Clogging Symptoms

How to detect particle filter clogging”;

  • ♦ Fuel consumption increases.
  • ♦ Emergency mode occurs.
  • ♦ Engine power drops.
  • ♦ Continuous Dpf regeneration is experienced while driving.
  • ♦ Errors occur in the memory of the engine control unit.
  • ♦ Engine oil is too much.
  • ♦ Pdf warning lamp lights up on the instrument panel.
  • ♦ The exhaust stinks.

Even if the particle filter is not full, in some cases, you may receive a warning about clogging-fullness. The warning is given when the malfunction lamp comes on. When you encounter such a situation; It is absolutely necessary to check the hose and pipe connections in the sensor to the particle filter. At the same time, it is absolutely necessary to control the exhaust gas pressure sensors. At the point of "How to understand the particle filter clogging", if you have the impression that the particle is clogged; CMP Clean Max Power from our company; You can get it from stainless steel and machines that do not wear out over the years.