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Exhaust Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine

Thanks to the exhaust particulate filter cleaning machine, harmful gases can be eliminated without mixing into the air. We manufacture exhaust particulate filter cleaning machines that defy years under the umbrella of CMP Clean Max Power.

As a result of the combustion of the fuel in diesel vehicles; CO, PM, HC and NOx etc. harmful substances are released. A particle filter is used to prevent these harmful substances from mixing with the atmosphere. The structure of the exhaust particulate filter resembles a honeycomb. It is also called the "fertile hexagon" because of its appearance. It is used to reduce emissions in diesel fueled cars. The particulate filter also has the task of meeting emission standards.

What Does a DPF Cleaning Machine Do?

The particle filter can become clogged due to many factors. These;
♦ Using oil with the wrong specification,
♦ Low quality fuel received,
♦ Driving the vehicle at low speed for a long time,
♦ Using vehicles in areas with heavy traffic,
♦ Running the vehicle in idle mode for a long time,

All the factors mentioned above lead to clogging of the particulate filter over time. Particle cleaning machines; are produced with nanotechnology. Cleaning processes are done using washing liquid. DPF cleaning machines are produced with emission standards. When the particle filter is clogged, it needs to be cleaned regularly. The machines produced by our company for the cleaning process are made of stainless steel. By challenging time, we can say that they are very durable products. DPF cleaning machines; It can be used on all models of Euro 4,5 and 6 vehicles.

Best Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine

To find the best among exhaust particle cleaners, you need to make some evaluations. As a result of the evaluations;

♦ Easy to use,
♦ Unit washing cost,
♦ Certification,
♦ Energy consumption,
♦ Criteria such as cleaning rate need to be checked.

It is the most logical to evaluate the above criteria and then buy a machine. The best particulate filter cleaning machines should have certifications such as CE to reveal its quality. The best particulate filter cleaning machines fit both your car and your pocket. The particulate filter needs to be cleaned to protect the environment. DPF cleaning machines also have very good functions at this point. By thoroughly cleaning the filter, the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere is prevented. CMP Clean Max Power offers the best particulate filter cleaners to its users without sacrificing quality.